In the hostel

In our public areas you can socialize with other backpackers from all around the world, play cards or watch TV, listen to music, surf on the internet, share your experiences or simply chill and have a rest in the living room after a long day visiting Santiago de Chile.

Weekly, we organize activities for every guest to have the opportunity to share their good memories.

In Barrio Brasil

We are in the heart of the historic center of the city of Santiago. This neighborhood, mainly filled by students, is also full of places where you can go out and enjoy the city by night. Just two blocks from the hostel you will find Plaza Brasil, where you can find the center of the finest food places in the neighborhood.

In 2009, Barrio Brasil was made an official touristic zone for its architecture and its cultural background. It has a large and numerous types of restaurants, bars and café.

As for a center of this area, Plaza Brasil is a place where different social and cultural backgrounds are mixing together with a constant show of street art, all this in harmony with the families living here.

In Santiago

In Santiago de Chile, you will find bars, restaurants and typical markets that show the Chilean culture, and as every big city you will find plenty of theaters, cultural centers, malls and so on…You will also find a lot of buildings with modern architecture, the highest skyscraper in South America is in Santiago.